Fishing Community Profiles: How do regulations affect social and economic networks within fishing communities?

ShemCreek_SC_SwordfishShrimpSnapperGrouperVesselsCommunity Connections Within a Fishery

How is a fishery defined? In loose terms, a fishery can be described as:

Fish + Habitat the Fish Depend On + Fishermen + Communities/Businesses that Support Fishermen = FISHERY

Often times, when people think about fisheries management much of the focus is on the resource itself, the fish. However, with revisions to the federal law that dictates how federal fisheries are managed (Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act), managers are now required to not only address … Read More

Catch Any Black Sea Bass Lately?

Photo Credit: Captain Judy HelmBeen fishing lately? Caught any black sea bass? The answer is likely a resounding “YES”! Catches of black sea bass have been on the rise the past several years and the Council had been hearing from fishermen throughout the region that based  on what they were seeing on the water (and on their hooks!), the fishery had to be recovered. Reports from fishermen indicated that it was difficult to even get a bait to the bottom without snagging a black sea bass … Read More

Pick A Tool – Post – Sample

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Pass the Data Please – Post – Sample

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Science Buzz – Post – Sample

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