Briefing Book: Snapper Grouper AP – Oct 31-Nov 1, 2016 meeting

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Snapper Grouper AP Meeting: October 31 – November 1, 2016





4 thoughts on “Briefing Book: Snapper Grouper AP – Oct 31-Nov 1, 2016 meeting

  1. In Regulatory Amendment 27 you try to define the difference between a “traditional bandit multi-day boat” to a day boat by length. The real difference between the two is speed. A “day boat” is fast enough to go out to the fishing grounds and back in everyday or every other day and make multiple trips a week. A “traditional bandit” boat may take a quarter of a day to get to the fishing grounds so they stay for 2-5 days at a time to make one to maybe two trips for the week. If the fishing is good a “day boat” could unload a trip limit every day while a “traditional boat”usually unloads one or two trip limits/week. It would make more sense not to differentiate the two boats but to state how many trip limits can be offloaded per week if you are trying to control the effort.

  2. There are “day boats” 25-40’+ long and there are “Traditional boats” 25-40’+ long so the length is not a good way to define them.

  3. To insinuate that you have a “Management Plan” for Red Snapper is insulting a normal persons intelligence. To have No season , because some Scientist has a theory that too many are killed as a result of bicatch is absurd thinking, rather than Management. The abundance of Red Snapper clearly shows that the species is recovered from over fishing. Certainly as the population increases the bicatch will also increase, which will perpetuate the closed season forever, as more and more fish are caught. Let States such as Florida manage the near shore waters, such as water shallower than 120 feet. They clearly have the capability and skills to Manage a fishery in a reasonable manner.

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